Welcome to Damien Wogan Photography. I am a Landscape Photographer based in County Louth, on the east coast of Ireland.

The Cooley Peninsula Book

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I am a self taught photographer and have been fine tuning my art for over 10 years now. My speciality is Landscape photography and for each of my photographs many patient hours have been spent in the field. Although, as a landscape photographer you are at the mercy of Mother Nature, I invest a great deal of time into planning and executing my photography. This involves studying the topography of the landscape, the weather, sunset / sunrise positioning and tidal flows.



I originally started taking images using transparency film, commonly known as colour slide film, and moved into digital capture when the Canon 5D camera was unveiled. The transition to digital, with instant feedback, compared with a two week wait from processing film was a huge leap and one with which I embraced fully.



For many landscape photographers, it is all about Light. It is about understanding light and its nuances. The quality of light is what differentiates a good picture with a great one. Coupled with personal vision you create images that are unrepeatable. It was Ralph Waldo Emerson who stated, ‘And as the eye is the best composer, so light is the first of painters’, which is something that rings very true for the Landscape Photographer. This light, the best light of the day, is often found at magic hour which occurs twice daily, that is the hour around sunrise and sunset.

I strive to create an emotional response from the viewer by trying to make a direct connection with nature. All my images are authentic scenes using single exposures. Nothing has been added or taken away from the scene. Post processing involves adjusting aesthetic properties such as contrast and saturation to make my photograghs true and honest to the viewer.

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